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March 13:  Parent Involvement Academy

March 13:  PTA St. Patricks Dance - 2-3pm

March 16-March 20:  Parent Conference Week - Minimum Days - 1pm

March 20 - Parent Computer Class - 8:30 am

March 26:  McTeacher Night - 4-8pm

March 27:  Founder's Day - 2:15-4pm



March 2-March 13 : Coffee for Causes $10 each cup

March 13:  St Patricks Dance - 2:15-3pm - Cafeteria

March 26:  McTeacher Night - 4-8pm - McDonald's in Commerce

Association Meetings will be held in the Media Center at 8:30am

February 26, 2015

Teachers Train for SBAC

Superintendent of Education Reads to our Students

(From Left to right, Ms. Vargas, Ms. Bucio, Ms. Rojas, Ms. Contreras-Smith, Mr. Valencia, Ms. De La Cruz, and Ms. Sandoval)

Ms. Contreras-Smith visited our school on Thursday, March 5th and read to Ms. Vargas' 2nd graders. She read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.  This book celebrates fun and—get this—responsibility. The children in the story want to have a rollicking good time, but they also want to stay safe and respect their mother's wishes.

Sounds a lot like… real life. After all, learning to balance pleasure and responsibility is one of the toughest lessons we learn as we grow up. The Cat was around to help us grow up, and now he's around for our kids, too. Now that's a classic.

Gascon's "Cat in the Hat and his Things" welcomed Ms. Contreras-Smith and surprised the students by interacting with them while the book was read and introduced to the book characters.



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