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Appreciation Week May 12-15, 2015

May 12:  Noon Directors, Cafeteria Staff and Custodians

May 13:  Secretaries and Nurses

May 14:  Volunteers

May 15:  Teachers / Mother's Day  Celebration - 7:00-7:50am - Cafeteria

May 15:  Parent Computer Class - 8:30 am and Relay for Life

May 20:  Open House - 5-7pm

May 21:  Community Meeting

May 22:  Parent Computer Class - 8:30am

May 25:  Memorial Day - Holiday No School





April 30:  Shakey's Pizza Night -1955 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754 (4-8pm)

Association Meetings will be held in the Media Center at 8:30am

Thank You Classified Staff !!!


Education is a personal profession. It is grounded in relationships between staff members, students and families, all of whom are dedicated to the same goal: helping to create productive future citizens who can be successful in our changing world.

Bus drivers, custodians, clerical staff, grounds workers and instructional assistants,  just to name a few, influence the future of our students every day. These staff members help our students grow with every interaction and task.

May 17-23  is Classified Employee Week. Please show your appreciation for these amazing support staff who work diligently every day to support the high quality education our students receive. Their actions teach our students life-long lessons as important to future success as being proficient in reading and mathematics.

Gascon's Cafeteria workers serve approximately one meal every six seconds. This dedication to efficiency gives students an inside look at how every task can have a huge impact.  Next time you're in the cafeteria - Thank Ms. Angie Verduzco and her dedicated staff!!!

Office staff answer questions, juggle parent, student, administration and teacher concerns.  They set up field trips and order books while  handling attendance, substitute teachers and paperwork effortlessly. As they do this, our administrative support staff show students the importance of multi-tasking and tackling issues calmly and with a smile.  Next time you're in the main office - Thank Ms. Oliveros and Ms Perez!!!  While you're in the Media Center checking out a book - Thank Ms. Ramirez and don't forget to Thank Ms. Rush while she's testing your knowledge.  Ms. Bucio will also like to be thanked for all the things she does for the students, teachers, parents and staff !!!

Maintenance and operations staff mow lawns, fix plumbing and put thousands of gallons of paint on walls to keep our buildings looking new. These actions model pride of ownership for students and give our youth a glimpse at the importance of a job well done.  Please thank Mr. Alejandro,  Mr. Gary, Mr. Ernesto and their Manager, Mr. Mario - our school is spic and span - thanks to these gentlemen !!!

These are just a few of the important roles our classified staff play and how they influence the lives of our more than 900 students each day.

To say we could not run our schools without the dedication, efforts and support of our classified staff is an understatement. Take away the custodian, office secretaries, attendance technician, cafeteria worker, grounds crews and technology support and our teachers would have no time to educate kids. They would be too busy answering phones, troubleshooting computers, cleaning, cooking lunch and mowing lawns.

It truly takes a village to educate a child and our support staff is a critical part of the crew that works diligently to fulfill our mission to Educate Every Child, Every Day.

Please show your appreciation for our outstanding support staff this week and all year long!

Volunteer Royal Ball Breakfast

On Thursday, May 14, 2015 Gascon School had the pleasure to welcome the Queens and Kings of the Volunteer Kingdom to a Royal Ball Breakfast. These Queens and Kings of our school are known as our ...more

Gascon Tigers Visit LA PLAZA de Cultura y Artes

Ms. Viramontes and Ms. Vargas' second grade students visited LA Plaza. They were able to visit their garden and be part of the Edible Teaching Garden lesson. This exemplifies LA Plaza’s commitment ...more

Avid College Trip to Cal State Los Angeles


In late May, the 5th grade students will be visiting the renowned University whose student body of over 23,000 are primarily ...more


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2015 Parent Needs Assessment Survey

Gascon community can find the survey by clicking the link below.  The survey is in english and in spanish and the information gathered from this Parent Survey will be used to help develop our School-Wide Plan, School Safety Plan, Parent/Community Involvement, Curriculum and other important components of your child’s education.

Last day to submit your survey will be May 29, 2015.

English Survey   Spanish Survey